Sachin Kaushal.

Marketing Strategist

I work with B2B service-based companies on their SEO, SEM and marketing operations to help them generate more leads and revenue.


Marketing Projects.

Featured Case Study

Helped client go from $21,250 to $104,200 in 5 months

Focus: Google SEO & PPC

Case Study Coming Soon!
Featured Case Study

Helped client go from $12,500 to $78,000 in 8 months

Focus: Google SEO & PPC

Case Study Coming Soon!

My Skillset.


Google SEO & Content

SEO is a way to increase your visibility on search engines like Google & Bing by ranking for relevant terms. This means more organic traffic, brand awareness, and revenue.


PPC Advertising

Through PPC advertising to help companies pay their way to generating quality traffic, leads and ultimately more revenue for their business. This is done through Google Ads, & Meta Ads.


CRO/UX Optimization

Improving your websites conversion through copywriting, A/B testing, messaging, site architecture, and page layout. We’ll design the website for our users to provide them the best experience.


Marketing Operations

Everything from Google Analytics, reporting and tech integrations. Through marketing operations we can gain valuable insight on our customers to improve their experience our sales/marketing strategy.


Client Management

Its one thing to acquire a client but its another to maintain our relationship with them. With the proper client success strategy we can retain our clients and create new service opportunities.


Customer Experience

Ensuring the actual experience our client has with our services/product. Its one thing to manage the relationship, but its another to meet client expectations and goals. 

Client Testimonials.

Adam R. @ Nuborrow

“Sachin has been great to work with. Friendly, honest, and knowledgeable in the field of SEO & Google Ads. I would recommend him for any business looking to get more leads”

Ji L. @ Vivo Green

“I have build a good business partnership with Sachin where he helps me not just with SEO and PPC but also with brainstorming ideas on how I can direct my business.”

Bryan P. @ Worldclass Bnb

“With Sachin’s help we were able to properly setup our hosting and WordPress website, along with technical SEO optimizations.”

Rajiv K. @ Propel CPA

“Sachin helped us re-design our whole website as well as improve our SEO rankings for our target services.”