Protect Your Brand Name On Google

If you run a SaaS company, remember to protect your brand name on Google.

Here’s why…

👉 Branded Keyword Phrases

Your audience is actively searching for your brand on Google using phrases like this:

– [Brand] reviews

– [Brand] pricing

– [Brand] vs. [Competitor]

– [Brand] alternative

If your SaaS startup is new you may not find any search volume, but as your brand grows users are more likely to search for these when deciding between providers.

These are users who are generally in the ‘Product Awareness’ stage. They know they have a problem, and they know you can solve it, but the last question they need to answer is “are you the right company to solve it for me?”.

Since most SEO tools haven’t caught up with our branded keywords yet, use free tools like ‘Google Search Console’ to see how many impressions these search queries receive.

👉 3rd-Party Websites

3rd-party review sites like G2 and Capterra are great, but you don’t want to let 3rd-party sites control how users view your brand.

You should be the one who decides what is displayed when a user wants to view your reviews or pricing, not others.

Often times 3rd-party sites will rank #1 for a brand’s review page taking some of their traffic, but if you create a dedicated page before anyone else you can prevent this from happening.

👉 Competitors

Look at one of your large competitors and see what brand phrases users are searching for.

This will help you get a better idea of what dedicated pages you need to create to protect your brand name.

👉 Summary

Your customers are getting smarter, and ensuring your brand presence online is the best it can be will help you drive more business in the long run.

Users don’t just ‘buy’ anymore. Everyone has been burned and has made the wrong decisions before, so assume your customers will be digging into your brand online so they make the right buying decision.