Accounting Marketing Service

I’ll help build your local or virtual accounting practice to improve its brand awareness & revenue using Google Ads & Meta Ads.


Accountants Are Finding It Challenging To Attract Clients

Every business owner and human being needs an accountant, but with so many firms starting up the main challenge becomes “how do I get clients outside of my family and friends?”.

Assuming you provide stellar accounting services for your clients, the biggest challenge you’ll face is attracting more business.

There are many strategies out there like SEO, Instagram Ads, direct mail, networking events, but in terms of the strategy that will yield you the highest ROI at the fastest rate, advertising should be your focus.

This isn’t to say you can’t focus on long-term strategies like SEO & content creation, but you want business as soon as possible.

This is where I can help you. I’ve found that Google Ads & Meta Ads to be the best strategy for accountants when looking to attract clients fast, which is why these are the 2 services I focus on when working with clients.

Below you will see my 4-step process to helping you achieve results.

How I Can Help Your Accounting Firm As Your Growth Partner

My 4-step strategy to increasing brand & revenue:

2) Website Optimization

A website is a way to build trust and credibility when you start to generate interest online. I’ll optimize your website for success.

3) Ad Implementation

We’ll focus on Google Ads to attract both clients who are already looking for a firm, and Meta Ads to attract clients who will be looking.

4) Optimization

Once everything is implemented its about testing and optimizing your ad campaigns to reduce expenses and improve revenue.

Client Testimonials

Danny K. @ MyBookly

“Sachin has been great to work with. After working with Sachin we saw a massive improvement in our revenue.”

Rajiv K. @ Propel CPA

“Sachin helped us re-design our whole website as well as improve our SEO rankings for our target services.”